Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I Wear When Photographing A Wedding

dress (here) c/o LuLu*s // shoes (here): Target // bracelets c/o InPink

I have received many emails asking me what I wear when photographing a wedding? It took me a few tries before I really got it right.... I didn't realize it would be so difficult! I need an outfit that is dressy and professional but not professional like job interview but not dressy trendy as if I was attending the wedding. I also had to take into consideration that I must be able to move (squat, lay flat, bend over) and not give everyone a show.  I also didn't want to stand out in the group...  after all I am not a guest I am working this event. I always try to find a solid darker outfit so I look nice but again not standing out, I always ALWAYS choose comfortable shoes. My days are usually 10-11 hours, heck no I am not wearing heels, flats is always the right choice!! This past weekend I wore the outfit pictured above, it worked great. The dress was long enough that I could move freely, the 3/4 sleeves allowed me to stay warm when the sun went down, and my leopard flats added the perfect amount of trend and comfort! The burgundy color was perfect for November where it looked appropriate and classy. 

I have stocked up on a few similar dresses from LuLu*s to get me through the rest of wedding season.  If you find something that works might as well stick with it right?! Any other photogs out there want to share what they wear to these events I am all ears. Later this month I'll be sharing how I dress for weekend sessions as well, so stay tuned!! 


Unknown said...

I love everything about this dress. The color, cut, how comfortable-yet-oh-so-chic it looks. And you, my dear, are simply radiant in it!


Unknown said...

I agree the dress is perfect! I do the same thing when I find something I like.

Come over to Whatcha Wearing Wednesday and show off your look and get inspired! www.themummychronicles.com


Ashley said...

So, so pretty!! I bet it is to dress as the lady behind the camera. This is a great dress!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very pretty but not overly standoutish. I like.

Heidi said...

I typically wear black trouser pants so dirt doesn't show so easy. When I'm doing a portrait session I try to wear a lighter color on top so that way I can almost bounce light off of myself when I come in for closeups. Love this dress though, definitely a great outfit to get the job done.


Sandy a la Mode said...

i know tons of photographers that wear like boring all black outfits, but they totally don't have to! i like how this is subtle and comfy!!

Sandy a la Mode

According to Jax said...

You look great!! But I don't see how you do it!! I NEVER wear a dress on photo shoots...I have the same outfit for weddings: tight black pants, flats, and a loose fitting/dressy shirt. Its comfortable and I can squat and sit, lay, etc. I dont think I could squat or lay in the grass while wearing a dress...but props to you for being able too!! :)


Ashley said...

So pretty!! Love the color of that dress, perfect for fall and winter! You look gorgeous...

Sincerely Miss Ash

Lisa C said...

The dress is so cute! Great color on you.

Whitney Ellen said...

I was always all for black maxis when I was shooting weddings. I think I went through at least 6 maxis during the peak of my craziest wedding season.

Leslie: HauteReb3l said...

You look pretty! Lovely dress!


Because Shanna Said So said...

Prettiest photographer I ever did see!!! :)And add this dress to the list of things I want to borrow from your closet! ;)

Katie Did What said...

Looove this dress! I have a few just like it from h&m and topshop! Fit and Flare is definitely my fave style, and the most flattering! You look gorge!


Unknown said...

very pretty dress!!!!! Love the flats!!!!!



Kelly said...

This dress is gorgeous and I agree, flats are essential!

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