Monday, September 16, 2013

LuLu*s Fashion Flashback!

Today I have a special treat for you, we are skipping Life According to my iPhone that will resume next week, but for today I want to tell you all about Fashion Flashback. LuLu*s is hosting an ah-mazing contest called: LuLu*s Fashion Flashback! They are asking you to go through and dig out those old photos to see just how fabulous you used to dress even back in the day. This is ironic for me because I have been searching through old boxes in my moms garage to find high school and childhood memories. Naturally this has been taking up a fair amount of time over the past few days.... imagine me sitting on the ground with box after box opened and spread all over the place! 

What I noticed about searching through photos, there are a million photos of my sister alone posing politely, and all of mine?! I am either in the photo with my sister or running around so they are blurry! Apparently I was not the sit still kind of kid.

Yepp thats a little neon and color blocking even back then! And check it out not only a headband but a huge bow in the front of my head. Always making a statement! 
Mix & match patterns seemed to be trending at age 4! Who said things have to match, that rule never applied to me and my style. 
Do you see that denim jacket? And colored pants? Is it weird that I currently have this exact outfit (minus the fabulous velcro shoes) in my closet? I also have my bangs french braided, which is an exact hair style I still love. Either I am still 6 or times have not changed much!
Ohhhh dont you forget those awkward years! High waisted pants, pink turtleneck, and oversized teal earring. This would seem as if it was a spring or summer outfit but I am clearly standing in front of a christmas tree. 
Welcome sweet 16! My first time to San Diego with my mom. I am almost positive I wore rocket dogs and anything from Hollister as often as I could. If you look closely enough you can see how small my sunglasses were. Thank god that trend is out, oversized eyewear is a must! 
Lets close it off with a senior year party pic. This outfit I remember so vividly in my mind, I wish I had a full body shot just to show you how awesome I thought it was! I wore Ugg boots, a denim mini skirt this white long sleeve and a Von Dutch trucker hat. I think my parents took one look at me, stopped breathing, and then said whatever. Always pushing the edge of fashion. 

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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Ariel said...

this is adorable! love these flashback pics! i definitely wore a denim jacket over almost everything when i was younger - gotta say i still love to pair lots of things with a denim jacket! :)

-ariel* xoxo

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh I cringe at some of the stuff I used to wear! I remember wearing the SHORTEST little school girl looking skirt out to a club one night. So scandalous!