Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

pants: Nordstrom, top: Arden B, scarf: NYC, boots: Charlotte Russe, watch: MK, bracelets c/o ShopCrysalFaye

Merry Christmas Eve my loves! Enjoy today, drink lots of eggnog, give your family hugs, open only one present tonight, and make sure you leave cookies and milk for Santa by the chimney! 
Thursday, December 20, 2012

hair routine

One thing girls obsess about is their hair! It is part of our daily routine and often can determine the way our day will go. Good hair days are much better than those bad hair days. A few months ago I was going through old photos from a few years ago and was saddened by the fact that my hair used to be much longer and healthier than it currently is.  I started to wonder why? From then on I have been experimenting with hair care procedures and what I can do to get long hair again. 

I have naturally sandy blonde/brown hair (I don't think that is a shock to anyone) but I love it when it is highlighted bright blonde. EVERYONE says if you want long hair you need to stop highlighting it! Not an option! Sorry just not. I knew I had to do something if I wanted my hair to grow past this awkward length. So I made a plan and started by letting my roots grow out. I extended my visit to my hair dresser for 10 weeks (I usually go over 6 or 7 weeks) when I went to see her I took an inspirational photo and told her for the winter season I want to go blonde ombre. Blonde ombre you ask? This is when you "root out" the top layer of your hair with a darker blonde (I went to my natural color) and naturally blend it in to the bottom layers. I also had her put a bright streak around my face to connect  it all together. This helped my issue of not frying off my hair by bleaching it, yet still keeping it blonde! Take a look....

As I look at these photos I realize it maybe a little difficult to tell because the lighting is so bright but you get the point!

Taking out the highlights is NOT the only way to keep healthy hair and grow it long, hair maintenance is a must! My hair was chopped short in the spring (note to self, never go to anyone but your hair dresser to have a hair cut!) and I was devastated. If I was going to have short hair my thoughts were it must be BLONDE! So I went ahead and got bleached highlights to be a blonde bombshell! Although I loved the color my hair was in major shock and breaking each time I ran a hair brush through it or put it in a pony tail. So hair maintenance came in full effect, here is how... 
Most of the damage done to your hair is after you step out of the shower. A leave in conditioner and a wide tooth combs are your bff when it comes to wet hair. I am obsessed with It's A 10 w/Keratin leave in conditioning spray. The line is wonderful and the leave in is something I freak-out when I run out of it. I refuse to wash my hair until I buy more (...good thing Ulta is right now the street) Using a wide tooth comb to comb through your delicate locks is a must. When I see girls take their brush and yank and pull harshly at their hair mine starts to hurt. ouch! Do Not Do That! 

The most important took you will ever use on your hair is your hair dryer! This is not the place to save pennies and use the one you stole from the hotel room last month. Let me introduce to you the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer by MISIKKO! This was sent to me as a trial and I am seriously so thankful because it changed my life! This is the best hair dryer I have ever used on my delicate bleached locks. If you can go without blow drying your hair that is ideal, however we all don't live in a world where that is possible. We must wake up, shower, and get out the door in the morning so using a hair dryer is a must. The quality of this dryer is beyond amazing. It has 3 heat settings, a low and a high stregth, and a cooling button that stays down so you don't have to hold it the entire time. Usually my hair feels brittle and dry after blow drying BUT not with this HANAair Professional Dryer my hair feels silky and soft. No ends breaking, no damage being caused. The cutest part of this dryer... it comes in the cutest box with a teddy bear, a new hair brush, roses, and a pretty pink case! I 

There you have it ladies! The trick to hair care maintenance! My hair has been nothing but healthy the past 2 months and I can see the length coming already. Hope these tips help if you are having struggles of your own.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

my Christmas wish list

I think it is safe to say I am looking for something gold or red with lots of glitter in it for Christmas this year! Every year I go through my wish list, trying to pick out "practical" items that I know my loved ones just couldn't say no too... looking at this list nothing is practical! Then again, it's Christmas that's the time of year you deserve items that just a women feel pretty! I am back up in Canada for the next 10 days, you should be seeing photos of lots of snow and warm clothes eeek! Have a fabulous week blogging beauties! 


Friday, December 14, 2012

put a little ombre in your life

shoes: Target, jeans: A&F(old), blouse: Nordstrom, sweater: F21, bag: THEIT, bracelets c/o ShopCrystalFaye

Ladies, ladies if you have not checked out Crystal Faye's shop you must get over there NOW! She has a wonderful shop full of jewels and home decor. Plus she is probably the sweetest person ever, and I can say that because we have coffee dates and all night text convos! (I love when I get to meet bloggers in real life and its like meeting my long lost bff!) So head over to shop CrystalFaye and get your last minute stocking stuffers and gifts! Also, its difficult to tell in this photos but I ombred out my hair! I have a few streaks in the front but the top layers have all gone back to my natural color. Thought I would mix it up just a little, tell me what you think! Happy Friday little babes!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

life is beautiful

I am getting excited about the snow in my near future. Sometimes it makes me take a step back and ponder how beautiful life really is. Happy Wednesday blogging beauties, take a minute on the 12.12.12 to take in the beauty!
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who wears socks on their feet anymore?!

Alright ladies, many have been asking and so here goes.... the famous sock bun tutorial! I know some times the tutorials can be difficult to follow so I am going to try and explain this as best as I can. I am hair challenged....not kidding, cha-alenged! I can put a curl in and a pony... other than that, not much is happening. When I discovered the sock bun I thought no way can my thin, blond hair pull this off. Not. Happening! WRONG!! I mastered the sock bun and you can too. Here is how.....

You will need: an old sock (if you have blond hair use a cream (not white) sock, if you have dark hair use a black sock!) a hair tie, hair spray, teasing brush, and hair brush. 
Step 1: Add volume to your hair. I have thin hair with layers so in order to have a "full" bun I spray my hair like crazy when its down. (best to add some curl to give texture!)
Step 2: Put hair in a tight high pony pulling the top to make sure the top of your hair is not stuck to your head. 
Step 3: Roll the sock and then pull it to the very top of your pony
Step 4: Roll and tuck hair under the sock. It becomes a mess but don't get frustrated! As your roll down, continue tucking your hair under the sock. Your hair will eventually spread evenly to cover the sock fully!
Step 5: Continue to roll until the bun is tight. No need for pins or anything to keep hair in place. Whether you have thin or thick hair, it will stay all by its self. Tug at the sides of your bun to ensure the hair cover all the sock!
Step 6: Add a little hair spray to keep all fly-aways down!

There you have it! The simple and easy sock bun. It is perfect for 3 day old hair in need of a wash, if you are going out to a fancy dinner in a cocktail dress, or if you are short on time and need an up do to get out of the door. Trust me on this, the sock bun works with any hair type and it's super simple!
Friday, December 7, 2012

black and white

boots: Hunters, skirt & mint shirt: Nordstrom, stripped sweater:F21, jacket c/o Sugarlips

Happy Friday love bugs! I am super excited for my busy weekend of celebrating birthdays and holiday parties! Wrapping up my last couple of weeks in Arizona enjoying the warm weather until I head back up north for Christmas I am take advantage of my winter skirts and light sweaters! I am loving this fabulous lace jacket from Sugarlips! Its perfect for day or night, can be dressed up or down and makes quite the statement with the neck detail and buttons!  What are you lovely ladies up too this weekend?

ps. purchase your own doll jacket HERE!
pps please excuse the horrific roots, got my hair done today and I cant wait to show you the new do next week! 
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

winter pins

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

lets add a little fur

vest: F21, shirt: Target, jeans: A&F, boots: Charlotte Russe, rings & bracelet: Tiffany's, watch:MK

One trend I have been loving this year is plaid. Now, yes plaid has been a consecutive trend for the past few years but I am really getting into it this year. Nothing screams sexy like a feminine girl shorting a more masculine article of clothing. Pairing plaid with the right pants and accessories can make a lumber jack theme into upper east side! I chose to pair my plaid shirt with my favorite fur vest, dark denim, and casual tan boot. Putting my hair in a pony allowed me to wear a bold lip which added a little more femininity to the outfit. IF you are out at the clubs or out chopping down your Christmas tree a plaid shirt is acceptable for any occasion!
Monday, December 3, 2012

Stesha Jordan Photography presents.....

Calling all Arizona residents (or anyone who wants to travel!) .....I am so excited today is the launch of my new campaign "OOOLALA BOUDOIR!" I have been working with the great ladies of Dual Vanity Hair & Make-up (check out Jena's new blog HERE) who also happen to be wonderful friends on this campaign and cant wait to see how it goes. Boudoir photography has become very popular lately, when does tastefully has a beautiful effect. If any ladies are thinking about what to get your man for Valentines Day, birthdays, or wedding gifts this is it! We have such a great time, with a little champagne, dance parties, hair, make-up, and almost anything girly to truly make it a memorable experience. Boudoir can be intimidating at times, so that is why my view point has a little bit of a twist so everyone is comfortable in their skin and feels absolutely beautiful! If you are interested or know anyone who is email me ASAP at: space is limited! Thanks for your support, you blogging beauties is what makes my day :)