Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chambray with Crochet

shorts: Lush, t-shirt: American Apparel, chambray shirt: Forever21 headband: c/o The Pink Ruffle

I am so excited for this weekend,  I can barely sit still! Every July long weekend their is a softball tournament in my hometown called FUNTASTICS. 200 + teams get together, dressed in outrageous costumes to participate in the festival.  Talk about one great big hott mess! The games go all day all weekend, at night beer gardens  open up with bands and food and games. Sunday is Canada Day which means fireworks! Yippy,  I love fireworks, have ever since I was a little bow. The colors beaming in the sky and the loud noise that makes my heart jump...magical!!  I will be sure to post about it next week so be ready for my uber cool costume (handmade of course!) softball games, and fireworks!


So I got a make over, can ya tell? Need a spin, twirl, leg do I look? I am over the top exited to have a new look for Classic & Bubbly I can barely sit still.  I have been wanting to mix up the blogs make up for some time but could never seem to decide on what I want! I guess I am watching too much of the Kardashian's and am turing into Kourtney! (for all those Kardashian lovers you know what I am talking about) However after countless days of analyzing what I like about all my favorite blogs I came to a decision. I want to extend a very big THANK YOU to Miss. Ashlyn from LET IT BE BEAUTIFUL designs for her magic touch! Seriously ladies, this girl is awesome to work with! She even has a mock template you can visit and you can tell her right at the moment what you like or want changed, and believe me, she has patience and appreciates your honesty.  SO if you are in the market for a new blog design contact ASHLYN!

Wait, that is not all,  I have a giveaway for you too!!! LET IT BE BEAUTIFUL designs is giving away a chance for you to win your very own business card design.  Been wanting business cards to get your blog out there and network? This is your perfect chance to get it designed for free (and if you are like me, design challenged this is an awesome opportunity!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oh, how pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting! I have always wondered how people make their laundry rooms so cute.  My best friend is known for this.  Her laundry room looks like it could be on display for company at all times. Decorated to the nines, everything perfectly in place, smellls amazing. So I ask myself, should my laundry room like look that? Then, playing on pinterest I got my answer..... yes it should! Take a look....

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Source: via Stesha on Pinterest

Source: via Stesha on Pinterest

Source: via Venita on Pinterest

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

rain dance

jeans: American Eagle, shirt & blazer: Forever21, boots: Hunters, lipstick: MAC chatterbox

Typically the reason for doing rain dances is in hopes rain will come.  My reason for doing a rain dance is to make the rain go away! Being up in Canada for the summer I was sooo excited for getting out of the 110 Arizona heat, however 3 weeks of rain is getting a little out of hand.  Let's be honest,  I was really looking forward to a summer of beach, bbq's, and tanning - not rain boots and puddles! I have not given up hope just yet! In the mean time,  I am choosing to embrace my hunters, rain clouds, umbrellas, and bright colors.  I mean after all I rather stay bright and rainy then dark and gloomy, dont ya agree? 
Monday, June 25, 2012

a touch of emerald.

Happy Monday and start of the week to you all! Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend.  Sad to see it be done, but I am sure the week is going to bring excitement for us all! It has been non-stop rain here up in BC since I have arrived.  I spent most of my weekend on my computer, editing some of my latest shoots I have done, when I came across these fabulous photos above! You may remember this shoot and this one? Ashley is just simply gorgeous, and what a pleasure she was to work with.  The photos of today's post could possibly be my favorites yet to date, and for so many reasons.  When styling this outfit,  I really dug into my creativity to pair the shoes, dress, and accessories. Many times, we may feel that an elegant dress must be paired with elegant high heels, and fancy jewls.  Not always true my friends, not always.  For this summers style it is nice to mix and match your more dressy and casual pieces together forming a contrast. Example, the beautiful dress with the rustic low ankle boots. What can really make the outfit pop is adding one statement piece, as we did with the emerald green necklace. There are no rules to fashion this summer especially as the bohemian/hippy tends are staying at the top of the charts!
Friday, June 22, 2012

messy hair

jeans: William Rast, t-shirt & jewls: forever21, blouse: Nordstrom, Watch: MK,  lip stick: Dior (fireworks)

Oh Hey Little Bloggies,  Happy Friday to you! Another week has come and gone, we are getting closer and closer to July my fav. month!!! Only because it is my Birthday month, ohhh and the weather is hot! Ok, I am needing some help here people.  I have been trying to grow my hair long for years.  It is long, but I want loooong.  Beautiful, long, thick, blonde hair.  My hair dresser told me to NOT wash it daily.  At first I had a mini freak out, not wash my hair daily? Gross! I work out, sweat, run my oily hands through it how can I not wash it? I have tried to become creative with different styles to keep from washing it.  Lately the bun has been workin for me.  Now I know the oh so popular sock bun is amazing, however I seem to be challenged and not able to pull it off, so I'm trying my best without it.  So tell me ladies, what do you do with your hair on day 2 or 3 of not washing? How do you keep it looking fabulous? give me ideas! give me ideas!!! 
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

protect against sun

Yesterday was the summer solstice, which means the sun is shinning away daily (or should be anyway) on our bikini bods! Love summer time, everything about it! Sun, beaches, bbq's, friends, birthdays all so wonderful.  One thing I do not like about summer is that dreaded sunburn I get every year.  Growing up I was sunburned all the time,  I am albino people, I burn after being in the sun for 10 minutes.  As I get older I take more of an active approach to NOT getting sunburnt anymore. I do not want to look like a wrinkly old leather bag at the age of 35.  So what do I do to prevent this? I am sharing with you some of my beauty must haves for getting that golden sun kissed glow without sun damage. 

For those I NEED A TAN TONIGHT freak out moments I know you all have, I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This stuff works miracles! All you do is spray generously in your hand and rub it on the part of your body you want to be tan.  Legs, arms, neck, face, anything! It give you a natural glow of glitter all night. It does not rub off and is water resistant! Try it Try it!!

When I have time to build my tan, whether it is just for a little bit of color or wanting to build a tan of an event in a week or two I use Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Lotion.  I really like the foam lotion because it seems to be easier to get full coverage.  It does have a little bit of a smell so I will usually put the lotion of at night and then shower the next morning. That way I do not smell at work.  If you do not mind the smell then no need to shower in the AM

I also use Neutrogena Micro Mist Airbrush tanner.  This one can at times look a little orange if you are not careful.  I have also found it can be streaky on the legs, so i generally just use it on my neck and arms. It takes about 4 hours to have the color start to show, but will give a great golden glow!

Finally,  I know we all can't avoid the sunshine at all times.  I mean when I am at the beach I am not going to be hiding under the tree I want the warmth of the sun.  That is why I turn to my beloved PCA Skin Active Sunscreen! I will not use any other sunscreen! It protect my sensitive like nothing else I have used! Highly recommend my friends!!!!

Those are my go to summer essentials for golden sun kissed skin!

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I am so excited to be back linking up with the wonderful Michelle for oh, how pinteresting! It has been forever! Since I have a little more time on my hands,  I decided to research some of my fav. DIY projects! I love re-doing things, and if possible I would make my whole house DIY.  OK, maybe not my whole house but you get what I am saying!

Source: via Stesha on Pinterest

Source: via Stesha on Pinterest

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fashion in the country

skirt: Nordstrom, tank: Free People, vest: TJ MAXX, shoes: Steve Madden, purse & earrings: forever21

I have been up in Vernon for just over a week now.  Settled in, hung my clothes, getting used to living with mom again, trying just to set up my life.  being in a small town definitely has its highs and lows.  While the shopping is almost non existent, the landscape is so photogenic is makes up for it! Life has definitely taken a slower path these days, and to tell you the truth,  I am enjoying it! Much different lifestyle than I am used too but I am thinking thats a good thing!

So tell me, do you prefer a small town or large city? 


Monday, June 18, 2012

Stesha back in time

I have had more time than usual on my hands lately since I am not working my regular 9-5, and I am living at home with my mama for the summer.  This past weekend we went through some old boxes in the garage, and I found 3 or 4 boxes of old photographs!!! It just melted my heart!! I sorted the photos in three piles: one for me, one for my older sister, and one for my mom.  I thought it was about time to organize, and maybe put in albums? A novel idea, eh? (catch that eh at the end? Canada is paying off!)

Here I am! On my christening day! My mom was a babe!

Let me tell you a little story about Santa! I HATED going to see Santa.  This must have been a god year, all the other Santa visit pictures are me crying, screaming, or my mom is sitting with me.  I am not talking baby age,  ohh no,  I am talking 3, 4, 5 years old! I will have pay back with my children I am sure!

Neon was obv. popular back then! Always rocking the trends

Hope you enjoyed Stesha back in time! Maybe you will get to see more of older year......maybe!!

What do you think of your old pictures? Do you have them organized or thrown in boxes like me?