Thursday, March 1, 2012

cheaper than therapy

Have you ever heard that quote, "running is cheaper than therapy"? It is ironic because iI started running almost two years ago now, 4-5 times a week, people would ask why? and my answer would always be, " I dunno, it feels like therapy!" Not that I need therapy or want it, but running to me is kind of like laying in that chair talking about all the thoughts and feelings that go through your head, except I am running while discussing them to myself.  I can't explain the feeling I get while running,  I mean yes sometimes it sucks, is painful, can't breath, ect.  But after about 10 minutes in, that all disappears, and it seems to just be me, my running shoes, and the path I am on!

These pictures are taken at Tempe Town Lake, in Tempe, AZ where I live.  It is not really a lake for all you non- arizonians, but rather a large man made pond I like to call it.  There is a path that leads around the exterior of the lake and does a complete circle.  Not too shabby of a place to run, right? I  like it! There are always people around, on sail boats, paddle boarding, fishing, running, the row team.... you name it, it seems to be going on! The downfall of this, after oh about mid-may running outside in Arizona is not an option, back into the gym I go. Until then, this seems to be my home everyday after work!

These are my favorite running shorts ever!!! I am obsessed.  Made by lulumeon, they have a little compartment for your keys and ID, they are breathable, and don't ride up.  They are a little pricey, like everything lululemon, but totally worth it!

How many of you out there run? Are your reasonings the same as mine? Lets hear it!!


jes @ twosmuppies said...

i used to run a lot more in california but since the portland weather doesn't permit running, i find that yoga has become my therapy. great pics!

Lauren said...

I can't really run... For more than maybe a minute at a time. I'm good when I start out but then I think about my breathing too much and it goes downhill from there. BUT it makes me feel so good to run for those short durations that I've tried to incorporate them more and more into my workouts. Even at 6 months pregnant, I do some occasional jogging. I just love the feeling of freedom :)

I totally want a pair of those shorts now! I like my Nike shorts but they do tend to ride up a little and do a weird poof thing sometimes.

simply megan. said...

I'm a horrible runner...sometimes I get the urge so I put on my running attire and jog about a block and am ready to fall over lol. You can do it!! Let the beautiful scenery inspire you!!

MEl :) said...

I happen to think i would run a whole lot more if i had a place like that to run! looks wonderful

Jess said...

I'm just not getting into running outside and I love it!
it's kinda difficult, but I just love not being trapped in 4 walls!


Because Shanna Said So said...

I always wanted to be a runner, but just suck at it. Even when I played sports when I was younger, I was always the slow one who had to take a break and walk. I totally see how it can be therapy and a great time to think. Run a little for me! ;)

Lauren | Just a Pinch said...

I totally agree with you one this one--running is such a natural outlet for me.

I'm actually training for my first marathon so I'm getting a whooole lot of free therapy these days! :)