Friday, February 24, 2012

out of the box

scarf: NYC, jacket: anthropology, shirt & jeans: forever21

Happy Friday! It is the weekend again. Oh,  how I am so excited to relax.  It was a short week this week with work only 4 days, yet it seemed like the week was dragggging big time. Good things its over and I get some Stesha time! I am just loving color blocking this season.  I need to be more adventurous with adding more dynamic colors to my wardrobe. Even I go shopping I tend to buy what I am comfortable with instead of stepping out of the box. I am going to make that my weekend goal: step out of the box! and not just with shopping, although that is an important one, but with life in general! All the motivational quotes on pinterest has got me thinking lately. I am doing it. I hope you to do too!! Report back to me Monday with what you did this weekend :)  xxoo


henning love said...

gorgeous photos stesha!! how do you get your own photo taken, do you have a tripod set up or ask a friend to come? enjoy your weekend, and step out of a box let me know what you do!

Melu103 said...

i seriously love that color combination!

i need to learn to combine
different colors like that
because i wouldn't never thought
all those colors would look that
good together ♥


Unknown said...

these photos are so gorgeous! i love your outfit and your hair!

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

Love the heart Tiffany ring! I have that one too!

Nicole @ the style hatch said...

I love your color combo! I have wanted to start color blocking 'less safe' also- I have bought the bright colors and done a little bit, but I want to go BIG!! :)
Hope you have a good weekend!

CALLIE said...

LOOOVEEE your outfit!!! Love the colors and the stripes.

Have fun this weekend!

Urban Nester said...

You are so beautiful, Stesha! Challenge yourself to step out of your fashion comfort zone! But, only buy something you know you'll wear! Can't wait to see what you come up with :]

xo. molly

Rheana said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! Stunning, in fact. I love these photos of you!

stephanie said...

the picture of you throwing the orange is fabulous!

Gentri said...

Your pictures are always perfection!! Love these! Yes, this weekend calls for an adventure rather than laundry. haha!

Veronica said...

fantastic pictures pretty girl!
I need to step out of the box too!! Youve inspired me to try it!

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Love your outfit!! (As always)!! Hope your weekend has been great!! xo

Chelsea said...

Basically, you are gorgeous. I love that Antrho Jacket. It is perfect.

navy and orange said...

great photos! love that scarf with the stripes!

xoxo navy & orange

Crystal Haines said...

pretty! love the colors! :)