Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bubbly Tuesday!


I apologize for missing yesterday.  How was everyones MLK day? Who got a 3 day weekend, and who was stuck at work? I had the opportunity to go into work, holiday pay and time and a half? Yes please....Do you know how many camera lenses I can purchase with that? haha!! I have been crazy busy these past few weeks.  Trying to heal my hand, latest update: good news it that it is not broken, bad news: all the tendons in the thumb are pulled there for the muscle doesnt work properly.  I can not grab, have strength, or pretty much use it at all.  This is getting annoying and making my photography painfully long.  Ice and ibprofen  is the answer. 

SO what are we doing today? I am so excited for today.  I am meeting up with an old friend who I reconnected with to play with our cameras. She does photography as well...yayy!!! Both shoot canons, have similar styles, and can learn a lot from each other.  It feels so good to connect with old friends.  I truly believe that people are placed in your life at certain times for certain reasons.  That old saying "when one door closes another one opens" has been nothing but true in my life these past few months.  Sometimes you need to stop fighting the grain and just start to go with it!

link up and share your Bubbly Tuesday adventures :)


Elisha said...

oh my gosh!! Your GORGEOUS!! :P <3

Jamie Leigh said...

I also got monday off, what a treat! And those pictures are beautiful!!

Rachel said...

your poor hand! such a bummer. i worked yesterday. we didnt even have the option to have it off. boo :( lol

Hilliary Meisner said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your headband!

Unknown said...

Simply LOVE it :))))

Cori H. said...

Sadly, I had to work yesterday. It was a pretty good day though!

Oh my gosh. I hope your hand feels better really soon! Doesn't sound fun at all.

Have a great Tuesday!

henning love said...

time and a half will get you closer to a new lense! enjoy your time with your friend this evening!!

Melu103 said...

how fun to have a girlfriend
that shares the same hobbies!

hope you both have a wonderful time!

Melina ♥

angie on maui said...

These are such gorgeous pictures! I love the headband you are wearing - it looks great on you!

What a bummer about your hand...ice and ibuprofen is definitely a good thing. Feel better, love!


... said...

Gorgeous photos! Love your headband :) Have fun playing with your camera today!

Praying your hand heals quickly!

Unknown said...

this is to funny...I have been thinking about doing an animated file of blowing a bubble...where it sort of starts and at gets bigger then pops at the end. THis was totally my motivation! :-) Plus I am kinda obsessed with bubble gum! lol

such a cute blog you've got...come on over and take a peek at my new colorful site: colorissue.blogspot.com


ashlyn | nicole said...

what lovely pictures stesh! & what a cute little headband you go there!!

hope you had fun with your friend :]