Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting....wishlist!!!

Happy Wednesday!

I am linking up again today with The Vintage Apple for our Wednesday pins!

Here is my Christmas wish list for this year!!! wonder if I will get any of it :) Shhhh, hopefully mommy is reading today!

Love Hunter rain boots!!!!! in RED!!
Obsessed with GG!!! I need to add season 4 to my collection
how fabulous is this camera bag? Definitely on wish list!!
cocktail dress for New Years??
Take me to NY!!!!! hopefully my trip is happening in June! Then I can be a gossip girl for real!
love bows!! love this!!!
images via PINTEREST
Ryan Gosling?! I would take him in my stocking wouldn't you?!?!

What is on your wish list for this year?


Petchie said...

Love your Wishlist! I really love the ring and that dress is so cute!


Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

LOVE your Christmas list girlie... I invested in the olive green hunter boots and I am soooo happy that I did!! I love love them... And the weather is wet in michigan prob 8 months out of the year... But even when I move back west I will still love them!! xoxo

Hilliary Meisner said...

Love your christmas list! I adore my red hunter rain boots! at first when I asked for them I was scared I would never wear them! I wear them non stop! And that lace dress is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Lovin the list! Especially that chic black dress... and Ryan Gosling mmm :)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Gossip Girl obsessed girl over 15 out there. Are you up to date with the new season? It's killing me to wait until January for a new episode!

Amanda said...

That dress is gorgeous!

And you BETTER tell me when in June you plan on coming so we can meet IRL :)

Sarah said...

Ryan Gosling will be under my tree this year....along with Mr Ryan Reynolds and David sorry! Hahaha but seriously, I'm asking for those rainboots as well! And I would love that dress and bow ring. So classy :)

Lauren said...

Love the red rain boots... I sort of want a pair of Hunters in bright yellow :)

WHERE is that ring from??? Tiffany's? It just looks like it could be, but regardless of where it's from I WANT IT!!!!

Gentri said...

Hahaha! Live that Ryan gosling is on your list. So great. :) love the red boots! I hope you get everything on your list- including mr gosling.
I'm having a giant giveaway and would love for you to enter!

Makaila said...

You have AWESOME taste mama! The Hunter Boots and Camera Bag are on my list too!

navy and orange said...

love the dress! and I recommend the boots. I have been wearing my all week!

xoxo navy & orange

navy and orange said...

love the dress! and I recommend the boots. I have been wearing my all week!

xoxo navy & orange

Melu103 said...

i really like the camera bag
=D it was such a good idea whoever
created that ..


Lindsay Nicole said...

Where is that bag from!? I LOVE it!!!

Cerrisse said...

I love that bow ring and camera bag :)

Lisa said...

That dress is now on my wish list!

CinnamonInk said...

Oh my I want those red rain boots too! Maybe they will give everyone a free pair for Christmas?? :)

Sam said...

I love your wishlist. Especially the trip the New York. But London is fine also, haha.


Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

great wish list! I've never seen such stylish camera bags before.

Miss Amy said...

Um, No, I'll take Ryan Gosling in my BED.

Laura said...

You will so be a gossip girl in those boots - I swear everyone in NYC wears them! And I'm watching season 4 on dvd from the library now (disc two is waiting there for me!) so I understand how awesome the show is. I hope you can visit there soon, and who knows, maybe Ryan reads your blog!

... said...

I am obsessed with GG too!! :) ha ha.... I asked for a diff camera bag but now I want that one!!!

monster cakes said...

I asked for red Hunter wellies too. I forgot to ask for Mr. Gosling though! Dang... Save travels and happy holidays!

Lauren said...

Okay I had to come back and post and say that ring is from Target!! CZ and amazing and it's on sale right now so I'm hoping they might have one in store with my name on it.

Krista Lynn said...

Just discovered your blog! It's so fun!!!

I love Pinterest - it helps me discover new and exciting things!!! I got the GG season 3 for Christmas! Was excited!!! =D I hope you got some of the things on your wish list!