Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh How Pintersting!!!

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.  I am really starting to love this pinterest we are all speaking about.  Adding to my bucket list....making front cover of pinterest.  Lets make this happen people :)

Here we go.... loving loving country right now!


I also was coming across these quotes and was laughing OUT LOUD!!


Have a wonderful hump day lovies!



Wall of Fashion said...

Thank you! Those quotes are amazing! Especially the last one!

xx Marije

Ashley said...

Haha. How fun are these? Love the country photos, too!

ashley /

Jess said...

The last one makes me smile. I get annoyed with all of the "text talk". I only use it when I tweet, and only if it is the only way to shorten my tweet. :)

Lindsay Nicole said...

Haha love these pictures! And that is my new saying for my room being messy. Because it ALWAYS is!

Happy Wednesday!

Ps. Enter my giveaway!

Ashley said...

haha the laughing one is SOOO TRUE! i think everyone has done that at some point. hehe/ love your pins:)

Jessie said...

I am totally with you on the bucket list with Pinterest! How do you even make the front page of it?! This is something I will need to research, or even go out and buy a brand new wardrobe!

Cute pinst his week!

Oh and ps. your blog is always so adorable!

Happy Wednesday!


Hilliary Meisner said...

The last one made me laugh! I love the shelves of cowboy boots! Have a fabulous day!

Melu103 said...

oh love!
you made me laugh so hard
with the quotes at the end
haha i am posting them right
now on my facebook!

thank you for a good morning


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Love all the country pins & those sayings made me crack up! =D

Miss Amy said...

English not bingo. haha!

Mal said...

Love those quotes! I'll have to show the one about messiness to my husband who is much tidier than I am!

Anonymous said...

love all these pictures! xx

henning love said...

so loving country too! one of my friends was in a wedding over the weekend with the country theme she had to buy cowboy boots for her outfit, it was too cute!

Alyx said...

I so love the "Bingo" one! And... all those country themed pics are great! I wish I had that many pairs of boots...

Holly said...

That first photo is ah-mazing! Gorgeous! And I'm loving all the cowboy boots :)

lori said...

love all of the country themed ones! so fun.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Loving the rustic wedding inspiration! Pinterest is so addicting!

navy and orange said...

that first photo is ador-able! just went to a wedding in TX and your post couldn't be more perfect!

xoxo navy & orange

ashlyn | nicole said...

soooo ... miss twin.
i love all of these! lots.
the first picture is so cute.
if only i was cowgirl ;)
can't wait to skype tomrrow & your givewaway goes up too!!

love you

Tarabelle said...

Ahh this makes me happy! Thanks!

Amanda said...

Oh my oh my! I love alllll of these pins! They are fantastic. I'll be sending my bubbly Tuesday post as soon as the Internet is installed at the new house this weekend!

Fash Boulevard said...

seriously some of the most amazing pictures i've ever seen. how can i make them all my background? lol

Sheri said...

Beeeeautiful pics! I love each and every one! And I love the tickle quote. That is so me. I hate being tickled so you take your chances. ; )
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Erin said...

OBSESSED with this post! All of the wedding photos are gorgeous, and the boots make me miss Texas-but the quotes-definitely pulled some for my iphone library! Soo funny and soo true!


Erin @

... said...

I have been feeling this same way in regards to country things! I swear I should have come from the South sometimes! Gorgeousness throughout this post!

Katelyn said...

This is so weird! I've been feeling very country lately as well. I keep catching myself listening to country music and all of a sudden I was watching the CMA's! Like...what?! Haha. Those last pictures though are hysterical!

- Katelyn

jean said...

The barn photos are awesome!

xo christina

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

LOVE the country theme! :) & of course--laughing so hard & clapping like a retarded seal!!! :D I have fallen guilty of that so many times! hahaha

Stella said...

Nice pictures!

Unknown said...

I just uncrossed my feet and removed the had from my face! Good find!