Thursday, August 11, 2011

I do have a real job.....I swear!

Good Morning! 
I have a little treat for you today, Amy from I do have a real job....I swear is guest posting.  I love meeting new bloggers and making new friends so I though it would be perfect to introduce you to someone new.  Take a look at her journey as she travels, takes pictures, and lives her fabulous life!!

I am posting over on her blog today so make sure you wander on over check out my post and leave Amy some love!

Hey ya’ll! Ok, I’m not Southern at all. But I am a tourist in Wisconsin for the weekend. That’s close enough, right?

My name is Amy


Stesha is the brilliant chica who thought of blog swapping for the day, and of course I said yes! I guess you can say we met through a mutual friend, Ashley of The Shine Project, but I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Stesha yet in person! So, basically I’m saying: Girls night ASAP?!

So as I said earlier, I’m in Wisconsin. Why? For the cheese, of course! Well, that and to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time {eek}! It’s definitely both exciting and nerve-racking. 

Today I discovered Lake Michigan. Why did I not know this gigantic body of water looked like the Caribbean? The temperatures are in the 70’s, the clouds were high and wispy. Days like today make me so grateful for water, boats, and natural beauty.


Dinner with my man’s family was straight out of the books. It was a beautiful night full of grilled corn, chicken, spinach salad, and Xbox bowling. {I may or may not have schooled the BF with my lifetime top score of 119. Just don’t tell him. He has an injured elbow, or at least that’s his excuse.}


Eating dinner together has always been important in my family. It’s been a continued tradition with my friends, and I’m so grateful the BF enjoys the same.

I’ll sign off for the afternoon because we’re actually here to renovate a rental property he owns here. So I suppose I should go pick up a paint brush or something helpful like that…

My goal is to experience life, inspiration, photos, travel, recipes, and optimistic living. 


Maybe one day I’ll be able to capture people in photos half as well as Stesha, but for today, I’ll stick to food and Lake Michigan. It’s what’s making me happy. Carpe Diem ya’ll.


Ashley said...

okay, i am lovvving that you guys connected! AND have a boyfriend?! and your meeting his fam?! okay, i need to hear about this asap!!!

SkinnyMeg said...

My family lives by Lake Michigan and it is gorgeous there, I love going to visit and shopping in all the cute small towns!