Thursday, August 18, 2011

celebration of life

Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered who was looking down at you? 
I do.  Quite often actually. 

Today is a special day,  I am celebrating a life of someone I lost who was very close to me.  A tragic accident happened to a wonderful family a few weeks ago ending in the father of the family loosing his life.  Today is his celebration of life! This got me thinking about who is up in the sky, playing with the clouds, poring out the rain, and shinning the sun.....

The energy from the sun and light in these pictures seem to have so much character. Almost as if someone was up there speaking to me.  

Have you ever had the feeling that sky was speaking to you?





Today is going to be a beautiful day and the sky is going to be peaceful and full of love. 


An Enchanted Evening said...

These pictures are a beautiful reminder of what wonderful world we live in. Even amongst tragedy there is still beauty as a peaceful reminder. Thanks for this post. I really love your blog, you've hooked me :)


christinerojas said...

All the time! I get lost staring into the sky.(confession: i still look for animals up in the clouds) Have a wonderful day!

henning love said...

beautiful photos. i am sorry to hear about the passing of someone close to you, never an easy time but doing a celebration of his life definitely helps

Miss Amy said...

So sorry, Stesha. My prayers are with all his loved ones.... Sometimes those we love leave the conversation of life earlier than we'd like.... I hope someday the faith in eternal families will bring them peace. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post. I'm so sorry to hear that sad news - I lost my Dad 6 years ago now, and still often think about him looking down on me. I hope your day went as well as it could :)

colleen said...

i have never, ever thought of who is looking down on me, and now that you mention it, i can't believe i haven't pondered it before. those pictures are beautiful - i hope the celebration of his life was, too.

alicia said...

lovely post and images.