Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer time at the ski hill

So I needed some exercise this morning and instead of going for a run around the block in town I decided to go up to the local ski hill.  
We all picture ski hills in the winter full of white snow, snowboarders, skiers, ect.  BUT what happens to that beautiful hill in the summer?

WELLLLL,  as I found out today,  it is full of mountain BIKERS! Awesome! I loved see it that way.  Here are a few pictures I took while on my morning hike. 


Check out the ramps! They are HUGE!


They even turn the chair lifts into bike lifts.....

And of course the bikers eat an hang out in the village just like the skiers in the winter.
Silver Star Ski Mountain, Vernon B.C.


writer said...

i looove your pictures! YAY it makes me so happy to make new blog friends :) you’re going on my “favorite blogs” page too fyi! xoxoxox

mia said...

wow that looks so interesting! I never really thought about what happens to some ski hills in summer... But what a great idea! Lovely photos too :)

Cassi said...

I just love that glow-y look you give your photos- how do you do that? I also adore all your outdoors shots. So FuN! Thanks for stopping by my posts for my Europe trip!