Thursday, October 16, 2014

dressing for family photos….

It's a difficult thing dressing your family for those oh so perfect fall photos we take each year. I get asked the same question over & over….. what should we wear?! What colors?! Should we match?! Should we all be different?! Should we have a theme?! Today I am answering what I suggest to my client when they are getting their family ready for the perfect snap shot.

My example family is a session I just did last week. They asked the question, what should we wear, any ideas for this season? Knowing we had chosen a green nature background I suggested: neutrals (creams, golds, whites) and maybe a pop of burgundy. I am loving burgundy for Fall.  I think that will really complement the photos and background without looking too "christmasy"! Needless to say they NAILED IT! 

Lets start with the ladies! For Mom on the left: she wore a beautiful cream sweater dress with mid length boots in black. I loved the cow neck on the dress, very age appropriate yet stylish and adding a belt gave her some style and shape.. sassy! For the eldest sister in the middle: denim is always a good look for family photos being that it is casual yet can be dressed up nicely. You know that trying but not trying look? For the pop of burgundy Samantha got the statement color, she toned it down by adding a light fur vest (in neutral colors) and a statement necklace. She also chose high tan boots to match the vest! For the youngest sister on the right: Cat wore dark denim to match her sister and also a fur vest (in neutral colors) she has burgundy nails + lips to still keep the color scheme while choosing a nice white blouse and statement earrings. These ladies look wonderful together, complementing each other yet still keeping their unique personalities separate. In order words they matched without being matchy-matchy!

When we add in the men, who lets face it taking photos is not high on their priority list, its best to keep. it. simple! Both men match nicely by wearing basic denim, belts, and white colored shirts. They look polished and put together but still match the rest of the family. Perfection!! Oh and we can't leave out George the great dane! He has a nice neutral scarf in grey on to blend into the family.

Making pets apart of family photos is key. Everyone asks to bring their dogs and my answer is always yes! BUT I don't always make the dog the main component in a lllll the photos. One or two fun shots is great  (as pictured above!!) and then the doggy becomes my helper by sitting next to me as I continue to shoot the rest of the family.

There you have it, a picture perfect family!!!

If you really like this look for your family photos, you can shop the outfit details below:


Jen said...

I love these! I am always stumped when it comes to wardrobes for family photos.

Claire said...

Amazing photography love! Your work is so perfect!

God bless,
XO, Claire

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