Friday, January 25, 2013

sexy weekend time!

Happy Weekend my loves! This photo above is exactly what I will be doing all weekend. Remember this video? Yepp it is happening this weekend. Girl time, make-up, romantic photos and champagne... what more could you ask for right? Hope you all enjoy your weekend too!!! xxS

Thursday, January 24, 2013

behind closed doors

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I just cant seem to get off of WANELO lately. I have been playing with the idea of re-decoratig my office, bedroom, and intimate drawer. When I think of what I spend my $$ on, clothes, food, shoes all come to mind. Things people can see everyday, right? I mean that makes the most sense, I want to look presentable to the outside world therefor thats where most of my money goes. But what about what happens behind closed doors. When I come home at the end of the day and am enjoying my space around me. My office is not very pretty, this is my creative space and it is mostly a bunch of blank walls with a white desk and every once in a while fresh flowers. My bedroom is cute, I have purple tones in there currently, but maybe it could use a romantic face lift. I mean this is the place I dream and get my beauty sleep.... it should be beautiful right? Finally what does everyone lounge in when they are home after a long day? I cant tell you as I type this I am in an old tank top and sweat pants. I know not many people see your intimates, but you do, so why not make them stylish? I put together this list of wanelo's kind of as my dream board. How about all of you? What does your office, bedroom, intimate drawer look like?!?
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what season are we in?

shoes: Target, Jeans: Paige, bag: TJ MAXX, shirt: Francescas Boutique, blazer: F21, glasses: Coach, scarf: H&M, watch c/o Feral Watches
Arizona weather has been just the weirdest these past few months. It was in the 90's all the way up until the end of November, then it cooled down just a little, last couple of weeks have been freezing and now  what do you know.... back up to 80 degrees! How can I keep up? I am buying summer clothes in fall and then looking for winter clothes when the spring line is launching... #girlproblems! My solution to this madness is to have key staples that can be warn either way! A light scarf is most def. a staple item in this transition season. If it is chilly you can pair it with a blazer, and when it warms up, take off your blazer and drape the scarf over your shoulders! I am obsessed with this leopard one from H&M, it does just the trick! Anywho, other than my weather challenging my outfits every morning, I ran a half marathon on Sunday!! Yes, I know some may think I am crazy but I know there is a large amount of bloggers out there who run and actually run marathons.  It was the Rock N Roll PF Changs half, they had a band every mile or so, a big dragon running, and probably close to 100,000 people! Insanity and people everywhere! It was such an amazing experience, I can barely walk, but non the less super happy I did it.  Happy Wednesday love bugs!!
Friday, January 18, 2013

heart vs. head

I am in the middle of a war. Yes, WAR! Not guns and killing type war although at times it feels like that. But a war between my heart and my head. Has this kind of war ever happened to anyone? I am almost positive that answer is yes, I know I can't possibly be all by myself on this one. It's like they don't connect at all. The string that connects my heartbeat to my brain has been frayed... it seems as though it's not able to send any kind of signal. How do you come to peace with this type of war? Who wins? Is there a right and wrong in this situation? These questions run through my head every day and finding the answer just seems almost impossible. Maybe it is a decision you have to make an individual, just pick one and run with it. Let's say I follow my head, I mean I am a pretty smart girl and common sense should kick in. I tell myself what I want to feel everyday and eventually after time I do start to feel it? Then my head wins, but what if my heart decides it really doesn't want to follow. Does that pain in my heart ever heal up and jump on board with my bossy brain? Let's say for argument sake, I choose to not use my brain and I follow my heart. I am a right brained person as it is; full of passion, creative and of course emotional. I decide to follow my heart (which is usually the way I go) and I do what makes my heart happy. Does my brain follow along as well? Will my common sense and what I think is the "right" thing to do start to understand my passionate heart and they become at peace finally? I feel this way about a couple of things in my life right now. Taking risks has been something that seems to not scare me as much as it used too, and taking these risks has lead me to new things in life and it has also lead me back to what I have known but been scared to go back. Maybe while I am working on being selfish I could work on putting the war between my brain and my heart at piece! 
Thursday, January 17, 2013

A canon girl

Finding out exactly who you are is probably one of the most difficult things a person can do. Whether you discover it early in your life or if it is something that is missing until later, becoming an individual is not easy. For 2012 my new years resolution was to not plan. I used to plan out everything, for what I was doing each day of the week, to what will happen on every holiday, to whom I was going to marry and when, I planned everything! I met my resolution in 2012, I did whatever I wanted and tried to not pan anything... except the essentials, but some things you need to have a little bit of a plan for. I figured if I didn't plan then I couldn't be disappointed or at least not as devastated when something did not go right according to what I wanted. In 2013 my new yeas resolution was to be selfish by putting all my energy into my own life. Be totally happy by. my. self! I can do it! I want my business to take off (which has been much more work than I could have ever imagined), I want to pay off my credit card, and I want to buy a plane ticket somewhere I have never been. What do you think, doable? I think so! I am not sure I have ever taken a full year to concentrate solely on myself. Don't get me wrong if the right person comes along I may allow them in, however they will have to only bring positive things my way. Selfish? I know, but this year it's just me and my camera! Have any of you taken the time to be selfish? Did it change how you looked at yourself and your view on life? Share Share Share, I wanna know how you all have found yourself!!
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inspired by Me

Recently I have been having some internal struggles. Being so busy with photography I have not been giving my blog my full attention, which is okay at times but I started blogging as a creative outlet and I want to make sure I keep it that way! Starting a blog was something I never thought I would ever do, and honestly I didn't know a thing about blogging until my good friend Ashley from The Shine Project sat me down one day and asked what I did for myself. My answer... I am not sure, nothing I guess! What! Nothing? She was not happy with that answer. I had just broken up with my on and off again boyfriend, again and was in a dark place.  I felt everything I was doing outside of my Monday to Friday job was for him. I didn't think about myself at all, I just thought about being with him. When he left, I was beyond lost, had no passion for anything, no hobbies, nothing that was extra to my day. Ashley asked what I wanted my career to be for the long run? I want to either be a Photographer and do portraits or I want to open my own boutique. So, I picked up a camera and I started taking pictures. A picture a day, everyday! Inset Classic & Bubbly as a title and I got my blog up and running. Best decision I have ever made in my post college life and has been the only stable thing in the past year and a half. It has aways been MINE! All about me and my life and something that no one can take a way from me. 
I am sure some of you ladies can relate to people (other females) who are not familiar with blog life. We have heard them say: they just write about themselves, do they really think their life is that great that people want to read about them, who take pictures of themselves all the time? We have all heard it, and usually I laugh it off. If you think blogging is silly then don't read mine! Or if it's so silly why are you talking about it? Then the best comes, those people who, for politeness I'll use the words, freakin haters "don't understand" blogs now start their own. Oh Really?? Funny how the tables have turned. 
This has happened to me a few times in the past 6 months and all I want to say is, if anyone who has read Classic & Bubbly and have started their own blog, either because you think blogging is creative and an outlet or if you are the opposite and think blogging is silly and you're making fun of it... I am happy I inspired you!
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stesha Jordan Photography & Dual Vanity - Boudoir Team

Hello my wonderful friends.... oh how I have missed you!! I mean really have missed you. I can't wait to share with you what I have been up too these past few weeks since Christmas. Photography has been crazy busy with lots of new projects one being the video below!! Please take a look and tell me what you think. My good friend Kyle with Amore Films (one of the best wedding videographers I have come across) put this video together for my Valentines Day photography campaign! If any of you Arizonians are looking for a gift for your man this Valentines season I have just a few posts open!! 

Take a look....


After the video was released on Facebook the next day I got a call from ABC who wanted to run a segment on the video on their show called Right This Minute! I was in shock, really ABC wants to run a segment on my photography? Yes please! Wow,  I was honored. You can see the segment by clicking on the link below!


Needless to say I have been super busy lately but that is no excuse! I have been missing so much from you lovely ladies and I can not wait to catch up and read about how wonderful 2013 has been to you all!

Ok, this has to be all for today.  I promise to be back tomorrow and the day after :) Happy Tuesday Loves!