Friday, September 29, 2017

Our New Home

Here it is, the post I have been working on all summer and have been promising for some time now. If you are following me on Instagram or Snap Chat you know that we have been building a home here in British Columbia. I have posted numerous stories and some instagram photos for you. I tried to make a post during the process of the build but things were too hectic and trying to sort through photos was not happening. Today I am giving you all the run down on the details of our home build. 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

peach picking

Hi again, it's me I am popping back in with a few posts for you. Wow, it was such a crazy summer I can't believe how fast and how much we did this summer. We are officially in our new home,  Sofia is back in school and life as we know it is trying to become normal. A new normal but a good normal. 

Last week Sofia had a Monday off school and while dad was working we went to an orchard and did some peach picking! With so many different outdoor activities available to us we decided to take advantage. Peach season is coming to an end (apples are in season now!) so we drove out to Paynter's fruit market and filled our bucket up with the last of the season while enjoying the last of summer.