Friday, August 30, 2013

90 days of style

Today marks the last Friday of August, which means summer is over and real life will resume once Labor Day weekend has pasted. I decided to take today and re-visit my last 90 days of style that I posted for you during these summer months (Memorial Day - Labor Day!). My blog seems to be a photograph diary of my personal style, which is actually pretty cool because when I look back in a few years from now I can definitely say, "what was I thinking!" or "good gracious I had style!) But until then I think it is pretty cool to see the all the outfits I have worn through out the summer.... I definitely see some key pieces I really (really) loved! My go to was obviously; bold lips, denim (lots of it!), the color white, sock buns & loose curls, and statement necklaces! 

If you have time, go through your photos or closet and see what you wore out this summer.  Also keep in mind these pieces (ok not all, but some pieces) can be transitioned into fall so don't go selling them just yet! Happy Labor Day weekend dolls, be safe & do lots of shopping! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


There is this cool site that has been brought to my attention, you have probably already heard of them (I may or may not be living under a rock) called Nyopoly! It is an online site that has amazing designer brands, my wish list is above, where you can make a bid on what you would like to pay for the item. For example,  If you want to purchase an item there is a listing price, BUT you can make an offer for a cheaper price if you don't want to pay the list price..... how awesome is that?! Your offer may or may not be accepted, if it is accepted then great job the item is yours, if not accepted then Nyopoly will come back with a counter offer! Sounds like a win win to me! 

Today Nyopoly is being so gracious that they are giving a $20 credit to all C & B readers who become a member! There is no cost or fee, you just sign up using your email & create a password and bam you will receive 20 bucks! You will need to use the code "classicbubbly" when signing up, don't forget. I bet you didn't know today was your lucky day to receive 20 free dollars?! 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Swan Wildflower

I have partnered up with LuLu*s again to bring you a "LuLu*s all day long" series for the transition from relaxing summer girl to busy fall woman! It is no secret fall is approaching us, I mean you can read it from almost any fashion blogger who has put a post out in the last two weeks. I have spoken about adding little accessories, or mixing summer staples with new fall trends for this transition time, but what do we do now that our schedules have suddenly been filled?

I will be taking one key item from LuLu*s each Wednesday & showing how to style it on the go! Whether it is coffee date with a friend in the morning, to shopping during the day, to a dinner night out - I will show you how to stay fabulous from 8am to 8pm! This week I am featuring the Black Swan Wildflower sweater! 

sweater c/o LuLu*s  (exact) // shorts + shirt + sunnies: Forever21// flip flops: Old Navy
While the weather seems to still be warm, there is always that little chance of shower or cool breeze that can come in a split second. Tying the sweater around my waist gives me the option if I need something to keep me warm, however if not needed, it doesn't interrupt my stylish attire! 

sweater (exact) + skirt (similar) c/o LuLu*s // top: Forever21 // shoes: Madden Girl // watch: MK // bracelets: H&M
This is probably one of my fav. outfits to date! The pink pleated maxi skirt is so comfy and romantic that it can almost be styled with anything. I added a lace crop top to contrast with the pleats, also giving some texture.  I have the sweater hung over my shoulders but not tied in front so the sleeves can hang down making a statement down my sides. The material of the sweater is very heavy so even just having it on my solders provided lots of warmth! 

sweater (exact) c/o LuLu*s // pants: Joe's // flats: Target 
The final look of the day is when you are home lounging about or headed off to a friends house on Monday night for the new season of The Bachelor! The sweater has an underneath soft layer that is separate from the crochet lace over top. This allows for you to curl up on the couch and be super comfy without worrying about snagging the lace. I threw on some jeggings and leopard flats to finish it off! 

Come back next Wednesday to see my how I take nude heels from normal to sass for those "my feet hurt but I look great" days!

Hunters are not just for rain

dress: gifted // boots: Hunters // watch: MK // cream bangle: Nordstrom // pink bracelet: Forever21

It is staring to be that time of year where we dig those rain boots out of the closet & put them on our feet! Whether it is the first rain storm of fall,  or a hot humid summer storm, you can never go wrong with a pair of Hunters! I asked for my Hunters a few Christmas's ago,  I really wanted red ones so  I explained to her what they exactly were. She took one look at me and said, "Stesha you live in Arizona, why on earth do you need rain boots?!" Giving her that Mom I cant believe you just said that look I replied with, uhh because they are cute! And yes, I have worn them plenty of times, it doesn't have to be raining to wear Hunters ya know! 

I paired my beloved boots with this lace dress that was gifted to me from my grandma. It was the perfect outfit for today since it was raining all day but still hot enough to get away with a dress. If you are pondering what fall/winter/spring staple you need, a pair of Hunters should be at the top of your list! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

life according to my iPhone

1. A shot from the wedding I photographed on Saturday // 2. My grandfather farm house // 3. It's been chicken & veggies all week // 4. a creative wall inspiration // 5. Pizza & wine night in the Jordan household // 6. I eat ice cream daily // 7. I have to run daily since I eat ice cream!

Last week was not too eventful according to my iPhone! I did a lot of work & lounging but I promise next week will be a little more interesting! 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

fall accessories

fall accessories

I am starting to look around at little accessories that can change up my wardrobe from summer to fall without actually going out & buying a lot. I am not accepting that summer is totally over yet, but I know as I am wandering the stores I should be keeping my eyes open for some key pieces. Today I put together a little look book of some fall-ish accessories to be on the lookout for! One of my favorite trends right now is the tassel necklaces, I just think they are too darn cute! I put together a scrolling look book below in case you wanted to add any of these items to your collections as well! Happy shopping ladies! 
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

vests + jackets

 skirt c/o (similar) // tank top (here) vest (similar) jacket (here) : Forever21 // necklace c/o T + J Designs (here) // watch: MK (here) // bracelet c/o Style Lately (here

I received this skirt when summer first hit from & am so thankful for it. (I also styled it on this post here) This skirt has been a go to staple for me on those, I don't want to get ready but I still want to look cute days but has also been great for evening get togethers! It has cute little shorts inside so you never feel exposed, it's bugs me when I have a maxi skirt with a slit and I am always worried about what people can see when I sit... not with this one! Anyways, most of the summer I styled the skirt either on its own with a white tank or with the denim vest. (we have already been over my obsession with denim vest this year!) Now that the temperature seems to drop at night time I pulled out my oh so handy denim jacket to replace the vest. Same look, much warmer feel. Do any of you have an outfit where it is easy to change the day look to a night one? For this time of year I think it is really important to add some versatile outfits like this one to your wardrobe. 

get the look:
Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When it's windy out....

pants: Francescas Boutique // shirt: Nordstrom // heels: Steve Madden // clutch c/o Aeropostale // sunglasses: TOMS // bangles c/o Ruche

the hair goes up!

The last couple of days have been a little stormy up here in BC, which can only mean one thing... summer is coming to an end. As the days start to get shorter, my tan is fading, the lake is not nearly as warm as it used to be and the smell of fall is starting to fill the air. Now I am not saying summer is done, nope nope I refuse to believe it is over but I can see it is starting to wind down. Summer has always been my favorite season so for it to be coming to an end put a little hole in my heart. What is your favorite season?! 

I pulled these pants out of the back of my closet today, dusted them off & yes they still fit! Although a little snug (hum morning run tomorrow? I think so) they worked perfectly with this mint blouse I have been loving all season. I am going to start to post on how to transform your fav. summer looks into a warmer version for these days that are getting shorter. 

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Monday, August 19, 2013

life according to my iPhone

1. Saturday w/my girls // 2. best roommie ever, 27th bday for me! // 3. Chop Shop is Tempe is now open // 4. Sunset from the plane // 5. colorful accessory day // 6. storm taking over the lake // 7. pondering life's moments on the dock // 8. fav. shot from the current boudoir session I shot. 

I think we all know just how important our cell phones are to us these days.  And I am not just talking about ages 15-35, all ages have their phones glued to their sides! And on our smartphones, for me it's the iPhone, we have these fun little apps that seem to be taking over our lives. I find myself, snapping pictures, editing them up on multiple photo editing apps, and then uploading it to the best app of all, Instagram!

A couple of weeks ago my iPhone's home button broke on me (very annoying making it more than difficult to get in + out of apps) so I had to take it into the Apple Store.  I was smart & bought Apple Care when I purchased my iPhone since something seems to alllways go wrong, I usually end up getting a new phone every 6 months! Okay long story short, when I got my new phone set up I went to download all my apps again, except something was terribly wrong and my apps wouldn't download aka INSTAGRAM WAS NOT DOWNLOADING! 

After my frantic phone call to Apple, I fixed the problem & in no time Instagram was back up + running. Thank goodness! It is no secret that I love photos, professional photos, photos on blogs, and yes smartphone photos.  I spend probably more time that I should going from account to account on instagram finding new friends, new companies + products, and fun new account to follow. 

I am going to start a series + a link up called life according to my iPhone that will be live every Monday. My post will contain a few of my favorite images I snapped with my phone throughout the week, some may be on instagram but some wont. You can come on over & link up your instagram account so we can all start to follow each other & discover some new fab. instas!

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Friday, August 16, 2013


shorts: Forever21 // shirt: Nordstrom // shoes: Converse // purse c/o (here)  // bracelets c/o Ruche // lipstick: MAC "Chatter Box"

Happy Weekend dolls! I don't have much for you today, I have been busy running errands, editing some amazing boudoir photos I took last week, and visiting with my grandma. Needless to say I am a little bit tired and excited for the weekend to finally arrive so I can take a rest. But before then, I am off to meet some potential clients to shoot their wedding (wish me luck!), then my daily gym, and maybe some gardening. Starting tomorrow I will be watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls! What are your weekend plans?!